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  • A place to talk about anything related to LiquidBounce

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    I want to code an module of mine, and I need to change sameYMode of ModuleScaffold when I enable my own module. But I can't find the api to do it. Who can tell me what to do?

  • Think something is missing? Let us know!

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    Select 2 blocks and everything between the blocks will be mined, like the same system as worldedit. This would be nice for prison servers

  • Found a bug? Report it here!

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    Youssef ElsaberY

    Screenshot 2024-07-23 at 12.44.54.png . I also need to click where the ui is supposed to be as well to click a btn.

  • A place for our Chinese community

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    @liaoyilin 666Jby大神

  • Talk about anything you like (as long as you follow the rules)!

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    nobody here?