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    Thanks to @Senk-Ju we finally got a well-written documentation of the LiquidBounce Nextgen ScriptAPI. 🙂
    Check it out: (nextgen)/Getting Started

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    Why not try it yourself? "attack" event runs BEFORE the entity was attacked. Depending on what you are doing it would make sense to use something else?

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    @Riceuser2 I downloaded it, set it up, opened it and clicked "Launch LB". And then it sent me back to the same website I downloaded the Launcher from.

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    I add my email (i treid multiple) and i never get my confirmation email

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    @andhanu-putra ahh yes it is an existing module, but in liquidbounce its called fakelag

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    I cant find servercrasher-completition it's not showing up, someone can help me?

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    I know it from earlier and i am currently trying to create to access to the bash shell! Is it still available somewhere?